Therapeutic Laser Aides in Pain Relief

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Animal Medical Center is proud to offer therapeutic laser therapy! Our therapeutic laser is a class IV laser, top of the line and specifically made for veterinary patients. This type of therapy is beneficial in treating many types of infections, healing wounds or surgical incisions, and for pain relief of acute or chronic conditions. Certain conditions require 1-2 treatments and other conditions require multiple treatments.


Laser therapy is an incredible therapeutic tool for many back and joint problems causing pain in dogs. I have an 11-year-old female Havanese who started having back problems about 2 years ago. She was in severe pain and chewing at her legs and hips. Lady had a history of two lower back vertebrae migrating closer together; most likely the origin of her back pain. Laser treatments were started and over a 2 month period of treatments she eventually became pain free and playing like a puppy. The change was so remarkable that I could hardly believe my good luck in not having to keep her on pain killers all the time. More recently, however, a fight with another dog caused the back pain to again emerge.

An x-ray showed that one of the two bone spurs bridging between the two vertebrae seemed to have been dislodged or broken. Lady was put back on cold laser treatments in the back area. After six weeks of treatments, a second x-ray was taken and a bridging between the vertebrae was again evident. What I can tell you is that Lady is not off pain medicine and acting like her normal self.

I report this experience because the cold laser treatmetns took Lady from extreme pain and needing strong pain medicine to minimal or no pain. She is off of all drugs and acting normally. My experience with cold laser treatments for back and joint problems in dogs has convinced me that even when confronted with extreme pain, there is now a treatment other than just pain medicine that brings hope your dog will be pain free and enjoying life again.

Judith Sutter, Dreamcoat Havanese


I have an eleven year old husky/pit-bull mix male who has had two front broken legs and two ACL tears with surgical repairs. Every leg has sustained damage. During convalescence of all his injuries/ surgeries, we administered acupuncture and T-touch therapy with good results. Over the span of time, his legs have atrophied, arthritis set in, and he has spastic-like muscle tremors continually. It was recommended that he also receive water therapy but he is afraid of water, so that option was not used.

Dr. Kasper’s office recommended laser treatment therapy (a package of six) for his back legs and hips. By the end of the first therapy treatment, he actually got himself in the car without assistance for the first time in years. We are on the last of six treatments and his spastic-like muscle tremors are about half of what they usually are. What is more noted is the strength he has gained in the use of his back legs. I believe that if he could have had the laser therapy immediately after his injuries/ surgeries, and possibly continually/ intermittently throughout, he would have gained full healing in his body. I would strongly recommend laser therapy for convalescing or arthritic animals to help them regain function, vitality, and strength.

Sharon Moon (Cowboy’s mom)


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